Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Web Programming in PHP frameworks for PHP development

Web Programming refers to the coding of the web content and to be precise it refers to the client and server scripting. Web Programming is quite different from the other programming and it requires a sufficient knowledge of the application in client server area, network security and database. On the client side, generally JavaScript is used for the great user experience to design and implement the web application. The most common languages used for the web programming are XML, HTML, JavaScript, Perl5, and PHP. These programing languages also ensures that there are enough plugins to customize the applications according to the requirements.

In this blog, we’ll discuss about the following categories of web programming: 
  • Asm.js
Validations that are static and dynamic both permits the engine of JavaScript to follow Ahead of Time (AOT) strategy for asm.js code. Asm.js is a language of abstract machine designed to do analysis of the computer programs. This allows the computer software to run on the web application with the better standards and other javascript.asm.js is a subset of a JavaScript and is used as a low level machine language which is much benefited to the compilers.
  • Bigwig Programing language
Bigwig is the higlevel and domain specific programing language designed to build for interact rive webs services. The <bigwig> has a look and feel of “C” language but with special data and structures. The main aim of <bigwig> is to remove the uncertainties of the developers by lowering the cost by giving the output with increased functionality and reliability. Macro Mechanism is used for combining the sub languages of bigwig.

 PHP Development
  • Dart
Dart is a language developed by Google. This is the programming language is used to for developing mobile applications and iot (internet of things). It is open source and object oriented language much like “C”.

There are 2 runtime modes of Dart:
a.    Checked Mode: In this type of mode, static code is provided and can catch some bugs when proper match is not found. For instance, when some methods are defined as string and during run time returns integer. It will throw an exception.
b.    Production Mode: This is the default mode as it is the fastest way to run the programs. It must be turned off and runs all dynamic type of assertions.

  • DataViva
DataViva is a platform run on Brazil. It provides the complete information about the exports, locality, and occupation of entire Brazil. This is done through eight apps and more than 1 trillion visualizations. Some of the descriptive data is shown through tree mapping and prescriptive data uses calculation analytics to visualize the data. The main purpose of these information is for the growth and development of the country and this proves to be the new way to convert data into knowledge and action.

  • HTML5 Audio
HTML5 is a markup language for representing the content on www. HTML5 Audio incorporates audio tag which represent sound for audio input, playback and speech to text in the browser. Mostly it is used for audio file on the web page. The web audio api which is high level JavaScript api developed with the primary goal of audio routing graph.

  • JavaScript
JavaScript is highly dynamic and prototype language used for client side scripting. It plays a main role in user interface on webpages. If you are looking to develop any professional website than JavaScript is must as it will make interactive, user friendly and attractive web pages. Apart from this it also helps you in optimizing the speed of your application. JavaScript is the object oriented language and the most easy language to start with.

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