Tuesday, 12 June 2018

True or False- Nodejs is killing PHP

Understanding the world of complex programming languages is not easy. At times it really becomes hard to understand what is required and what not! In fact, several discussions have heated up over time leading to holy wars around the question which one is the best. The following post will address one of such burning arguments- Is Nodejs killing PHP?

Why compare these important technologies, you may ask? Well, it seems necessary as they both act in the same field, meant for web development. Moreover, they both are open source platforms and are often applied to the same web solutions. So, it’s time to end this battle for once and all, and conclude the winner! 

Nodejs vs PHP

PHP – Old But Gold  

The most popular programming language was thought to be second to none since its launch in 1994. You will be quite interested in knowing the fact that it’s most successful manifestation is probably Content Management Systems, including WordPress, Drupal, Magento, and Joomla. , Many PHP developers reveal that 80% of the web servers use PHP. The language offers a variety of advantages providing its successful and efficient functioning as one of the leaders in the field. The latest version 7.2.4 includes. 

Low learning curve- In the fast-changing modern world. It becomes very important as it means there is no need to train a person for a long time especially so that he can start writing code. 
• Long-existing set of frameworks & packages for API- Fortunately, PHP has been functioning on the market for almost quarter of a century. And I must say it has a perfect manual as well as twenty-four years’ history of FAQs. Which means any programmer using PHP will get enormous support from everyone who has faced a similar challenge before. 
• Great updates- With the release of PHP 7, the memory consumed by the platform has decreased several times, while the performance has increased 
• Long-lasting history of most successful sites- Today’s PHP configurations are highly based on its impressive history of building such websites as Wikipedia, Facebook, Vkontakte, Tumblr, MailChimp, etc.

Here has already been a lot of spotlight and geek speaks on PHP and its advantages but that doesn’t mean it offers no disappointments. Despite having a successful history, many professionals complain that it works inefficiently with high-loaded projects. At times it requires extraneous packets. And last but certainly not the least, with limited in its capacities as its scope of application is restrained to web development. 

Node.js – Hard Nut to Crack

The world of technology is evolving on the constant basis, new and innovative looking solutions appear day in day out! 2009 was the year when a solution to many burning issues regarding JavaScript was created- Nodejs. Many professionals would say that in the battle of PHP vs Node.js the latter falls short of experience. However, one can see a steady market progress of Node.js and be sure that a Google V8 platform based on JavaScript modules will go a good way. After all, it possesses a number of effective frameworks that may work with it much better than with any other tool.

Its benefits include:

Asynchrony- Due to which Nodejs can handle a large number of request simultaneously. 
• Modularization
• Configured web server- As no additional software is needed to run the code
• A large scope of application- Whether its web or cross-platform applications, Node.js can operate both. 
• Flexibility- The platform possesses few hard rules and strict guidelines. It gives the programmers room for creativity and freedom in their work on the applications
• Non-blocking functions- It is probably its best advantage in the battle of Node.js vs PHP. 

For these aforementioned reasons, Nodejs is widely used for web development. It may quite interest you to know that services such as Netflix, Uber, PayPal, LinkedIn, eBay and others are highly based on Nodejs. It’s perfect for creating such applications for OS as Trello and Slack, which are now extremely popular due to development of agile methodologies. 

The winner is rather hard to determine

After watching a detailed comparison, we conclude that both the languages are effective in terms of functionality. Perhaps, the overall level of performance and speed of task completion is heavily dependent on the task itself. Thus, it becomes very important to choose a language from the perspective of the task. If you need a long-term project support it’s better to deploy PHP. However, In case, if you are creating a project with high traffic including a number of microtransactions such as chat rooms, likes, comments, it is worth paying attention to the Node.js.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Determine the challenges and issues of digital data for the year 2017 and its effect on the IT scenario

Digital data is an information systems and theory are discrete, discontinuous representations of information, in contrast with analog or continuous signals which act continually or represent material using a continual function. While representations are discrete mathematics, the information presented could either be discrete, like letters, numbers or continuous like images, sounds and other measurements. Each interaction with the subscriber base is a chance to exchange value for statistics. Using of email messages in order to gather inferred choices through clicks to navigation bars as well as other content. Explicit surveys could be used to collect preference direction and understand consumer intent better. To gather knowledge to the next degree, one could integrate more of a dialogue approach to an email program.

Digitally representing symbols is simpler than conversion of analog information to digital. Rather than quantization as in analog-to-micro, the methods encoding and polling are used instead. A custom coding can be used for a specific application without loss of material. Representing symbols digitally is simpler compared to conversion of analog info to data processor. Instead of quantization as in analog-to-micro conversion, the techniques encoding and polling are used. A custom encoding could be used for a certain app without statistics loss. Outsourcing data to an offshore setting is a double-edged sword. While it offers a lot of advantages, it also poses threats to input that's being exported and handled in a different country. The threats or risks could be at an individual level, company or national position. Individual standing issues are related mostly to content interpretations and intellectual property.

digital data

Company level issues relate often to business strategies and the national level concerns are related security and protection of material. For this year, the concerns for marketers include the cross-channel distribution that would pose the biggest challenge. Hardship in measuring ad attribution would remain the most vexing issue. Another challenge is the lack of visibility to advertising information. Theme in the digital universe is doubling in size very couple of years and would multiply ten times between the years 2013 and 2020, from 4.4 trillion gigabytes to 44 trillion. This would include digitized intelligence from social media, geolocation technologies, mobile apps and an ever-growing number of media types. Marketers now should analyze petabytes of first-and third-party to purchase, target and measure digital ads on each channel.

The third biggest challenge for the period 2017 is the ongoing divide between the marketing teams. Some forty-four percent of marketers state that the group structure between groups, such as mobile, social, SEO, SEM, earned, display, owned and many more causes inefficiencies and complexity. If all digital marketing teams can work more closely together to coordinate measure cross-channel and campaigns impact, the campaigns will be more effective with far less waste on cost.

In general, traders believe that the years would be the year of an 'audience' online. Targeting precision of certain ad creative to specific audiences would become the norm for the coming year. Some fifty-one percent of marketers are planning to build campaigns which are based on a deeper comprehension of their main audiences for the year, using first-and-third-party particulars for accurately identifying high-value audiences. It is clear that most marketers understand the relevance of following the clients rather than counting clicks. In a developed world, a lot of companies do not allow multi-national onshore machinery providers to assign their offshore engineers to handle specifics. These in general include hospitals, government agencies, banks and several manufacturing firms. The reason is the explicit restriction of certain kinds of subject by the law of the country or organization policies.

Open statistics is nice, but most is not consumable by non-tech people or those without technical infrastructure at their beck and call. Government instruction automation departments would increasingly turn towards augmentation of input warehouse tools and tactics for 2017 to help in managing their big theme issues. A major technique to handle knowledge surge is by providing a staging area or a sandbox, wherein organizations could explore new info sheets before deciding to whether add them to the warehouse. Some vendors use business analytics software to augment the warehouse.

When firms are able to determine their approach for storing high-value content sets, the next step would be to make it available. By tradition, business uses would have to ask the IT shop to generate report if they want to tap statistics storage. However, agencies would be making content accessible in cloud, which is already underway. The coming of business intelligence on mobile platforms can also contribute to making large idea more accessible to the end users this year. There are various products available from vendors which offer mobile business intelligence items.

The multi-layer technological approach to securing network is backed up with several same concepts such as data privacy awareness, physical security, organizational code of conduct, info security strategies and protection of national instruction policies. The requirement for coherent methodologies for data and material safety would become more important for a couple of reasons. The first is the adoption of mechanization in public, social and private life within the country. The second includes using of cloud technology in a global level. Cloud technology apps are used in both public and private sectors due to their low capital investments, ease of customization and deployment and lower rates.

As telecommunication services continue to improve in the country, there would be more use of cloud-based services and so posing material as well as other security threats. The need for content protection policies would not only develop the trust of the citizens on the public services but would also provide comfort to foreign investments. Providers of complex event processing technology or CEP predicted for over a decade that the technology will go mainstream. It is still a rarity outside of security, financial services, intelligence agency circles. However, adoption reveals an eight-point lift to thirty-five percent of the respondents of 2017. Usage is extensive among twelve percent of them, while twenty-three percent declared that they use the method on a limited basis.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

A good web development firm should provide service that corresponds to the cost

Nowadays, it is easier to have web pages that are designed based on one's particular needs. For a business who has a website but without an established in-house IT department or team, it could hire a web development company. However, choosing a reliable service provider must not be overlooked since this assures of online success and could take the business to higher heights.

A good web development company should be able to present its work experience to prospective clients. Moreover, the service provider must have successfully accomplished projects. In addition, the clients must be satisfied with the results of any project. A respectable web development firm has a portfolio of their works and designs, so the client could see for itself the implemented designs and decide if the designs fit one's needs. Another thing to take into consideration when hiring for a web developer is the cost. When looking for the services of a web design organization, it is very important to take into account the prices on offer to be able to make the most value of the investment or the money. Generally, the prices range from hundreds to thousands. A business should determine and decide if the web provider could provide a service that corresponds to the price.

web development company

The qualification and experience of the web development company is a vital factor in terms of choosing a service provider. An organization should determine if the tools they use is applicable to the design in mind. A service provider with years of experience in website design is extremely lucrative in comparison to an amateur web design firm. These days, eCommerce is becoming a great way to make money, so it is important to find a company that has eCommerce experience. A good vendor must be able to provide 24/7 toll free customer service.

It is necessary to find a web designer that provides not just quality designs but should be knowledgeable about SEO methods and issues as well. An organization seeking web design services must make sure that the vendor of choice could create SEO-friendly websites, not just pages with only a few Meta tags. A business could provide a basic test which shows if the vendor could do SEO. It is important to bear in mind that aside from offering professional design at competitive rates, it should also be able to provide customer service. This means timely replies to the queries and gets the vital support in terms of solving issues that arise during the process.

When it comes to website development, there must be effective communication between the website owner and the internal service provider to have a successful working relationship. The best way possible for a business to determine a good vendor is to check out its own site. The vendor's website could give an idea or an exact portrayal of the work they could provide and if it meets one's requirements. Furthermore, one could also look for possible errors like mistakes in spelling, broken lines, and in some cases missing pictures. These things may be common yet intolerable errors for a web designer that is effective. If these are present, an organization would have a better idea of the kind of work and the kind of web designing it could offer.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Check out important guidelines in choosing the right web development company

With all the service providers nowadays, choosing the right web development company could be hard. Before jumping into it, the first thing to do is to determine what one really requires from the service provider. A good web development company should have a slick online presence that is impressive. Nevertheless, this does not mean that they are the right one for one's particular needs. An ideal web development service provider should put its best foot forward on their own website. If the vendor does not turn a customer on though its site, then the thing to do is to look for another.

web development company

Selecting the right vendor is an important decision for any business, but most particularly for small and medium sized organizations. Whether the site would be a basic presence or a highly functional tool, an investment will have to be made. Furthermore, a firm is likely to be working with the web developer for the long term for support, service, and future website expansion and for delivering other services such as social media, search engine optimization and email marketing.

The following are some of the guidelines in choosing the right web development service provider.

1. Responsiveness - this is very important both on the web development process and more so after launching the site. One should determine how fast the vendor responds to initial inquiry and if they are timely in returning client calls.

2. Portfolio and references - the vendor's portfolio should be chock-full of original projects and each should be able to meet the unique requirements of the client. Moreover, a service provider should be willing to share references regarding your past and current projects.

3. Interpretation and listening skills - nothing is more important than having a web vendor who asks the right questions and digs deeper still to make sure what a customer wants and what it says it wants are the same thing. A good web developer will spend time to ensure that the website is developed in adherence to the business goals of the company and the functionality is fully thought out and works with the website as a whole.

4. Ability to suggest willingness and functionality -
the web partner should be willing to tell the client if something is a bad idea and explain why. Moreover, the vendor should keep up with the changes in web technology and should serve as the trusted guide throughout the process of development to ensure that one is using the best practices and the best functionality for the certain business requirements.

5. Detailed and solid contract - a lengthy contract reflects assurance that what a company is paying for is well spelled out and to ensure there will be no misunderstandings. There are a lot of details of the law which should be addressed when there is intellectual property involved. The contract should delineate the project details, timelines ownership, payment terms and more.

6. Size and structure of the company - it is important to make certain that the potential firm not only have enough people on staff but there should be commitment to ensure the level of service the customer wants is actually delivered.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Developing web application framework by using CakePHP, a development framework that is cost-effective

CakePHP, an open source web application framework that is based on PHP, crafted on the Ruby on Rails concept. The framework has an architecture that is well-defined and offers a big deal of flexibility in making net solutions faster. Being open source, it is available without cost on the web, so the client could get the development done at affordable rates.

It's based on the MVC(model-view-controller) concept as well as association data mapping. Professionals could easily develop website apps in a rapid and structured manner. One could easily code with the use of the framework while at the same time maintain the flexibility as well. It provides several benefits, making it superior to some of other PHP frameworks in the market these days. One of the largest advantages of using the platform is related to coding. Several practice guides and detailed documentation are available together with the tool, making it making a code simple. Thus, developers could create web applications easily. One could achieve more via writing relatively less code.


Moreover, the code of old projects may be reused, making the process of developing an app or solution fast. Another advantage related to the platform is the cost. Since it is completely open source, one need not spend a single penny to use it. Developers could easily build cost-effective sites. Besides, there is no configuration required and even the validation features are built-in, so it saves a great deal of time. Furthermore, it utilizes several validation rules by itself for every field.

Another major benefit is the MVC pattern that it follows. It helps in clearly defining and separating both logic and business layer. Even though, one might not see much use of the MVC patterns for a small website, when developing a huge internet app, the architecture is a blessing. It enables easy reading, inserting and updating data in the database for the app, since it has an integrated crud. Flexible templating, licensing, ACL as well as flexible caching are among the features that prove the use of the framework extremely beneficial.

There are many service providers that cater to the different requirements of customers by using advanced techniques and tools, which enable them to create even complex resolutions easily. Service vendors have an experienced development team who are adept at developing high quality and challenging solutions. They are skilled at customization in which solutions are built as per client requisites. The service providers understand the pulse of the clientele and the markets and through blending the two; they could make formulas that benefit the clients. These professionals are always updated on the current trends, so they could offer customers their required essentials within the time frame agreed upon and under defined resources.

Some of the services available in the market include the following:
  1. Job portals
  2. Social networking sites
  3. eCommerce sites
  4. Internet communities
  5. Healthcare websites
There are also additional benefits of utilizing the platform for developing software apps and solutions, such as:
  1. It provides good security measures because of its structure
  2. Highly scalable and flexible
  3. Smaller codes for net and web application development
  4. Less maintenance
  5. Has built-in features for AJAX, HTML, JavaScript as well as other major technologies
  6. Compatible with both PHP4 and PHP5
All of the features of CakePHP make it an easy option since formulas may be developed quickly and does not need a lot of maintenance.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

PHP web development is an extremely popular option for businesses worldwide

PHP, together with databases such as MySQL are essential tools for creating contemporary web applications. The PHP platform powers majority of the data-driven websites these days. Moreover, PHP is the foundation technology for powerful CMS or content management systems, such as WordPress. Nowadays, most businesses are conducted via the web that serves as an international arena. Thus, it is pertinent for company websites to include the latest web technology solutions with effective applications.

PHP web development is a very popular option for most businesses all over the world. It is used by many website developers to boost the functionalities and appearance of the eCommerce sites. Mainly, PHP is known to create dynamic pages. The programming language basically is used for custom web solutions since it could be mixed easily with HTML, so most web developers opt to use the programming language. PHP is quite easy to use since it has simple techniques and formats and features that programmers could grasp easily.

PHP web development

There are a lot of pluses of PHP web development that include greater security. The framework has greater security features, making it all the more desirable in the web development world. Moreover, the PHP community is so keen on addressing any holes in the security function. The alertness from the community side has been more acceptable and those who opt for the language as their primary tool gets greater benefit from it. PHP is a widely-used server-side scripting language that is used predominantly to develop dynamic sites. As a general purpose language, it could be embedded easily into HTML source documents.

The language has a robust support for object-oriented programming that naturally enables a web developer or programmer to have several benefits. A PHP web developer has a lot of reasons to smile since the platform is very flexible and cost-effective as well because of its being an open source system. The community is ever ready to help new developers with any queries. Moreover, the platform is compatible with almost all databases and operating systems. As the web development industry is getting more and more significant, a programmer or developer has a lot of opportunities to use the potential due to the world internet and computer of today which has the most inevitable utilities for people.

Thus, mastering the programming language will only add to the career. Interestingly, there are a lot of web development firms that offer great opportunities to programmers and developers. Web development in the language boosts usability and efficiency. It offers incomparable efficiency when used for website development. Any site developed with the platform could function easily and includes rapid data processing features. Many business organizations today prefer to hire professional PHP developers to complete projects on time. It gives a considerable amount of time to the companies to concentrate on their own business projects. There are many service providers who could provide fast and easy solutions to web development. With hiring PHP website developers, excellent solutions could be obtained with minimal in-house effort. The platform continues to be one of the most preferred by programmers in developing different kinds of websites.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

PHpBB is a widely used bulletin board application on the web that is open source written in PHP

PhpBB is a most widely used bulletin board app on the web that is open source. It is a popular web forum package written in the PHP programming language. The current release of the bulletin board system is BB3 which offers moderators, users and buyer groups with different permissions that could be created.

The development team is skilled in crafting exclusive bulletin board sites for small groups to large multi-category board for corporate sites. They specialize in incorporating various characteristics like easy-to-use and download interface, administrative panel, numerous add-ons and plug-ins, making certain that clients could acquire the best solution for their websites requirement. With version 3, one could create own modules for the User, Admin Control Panel and Moderator. The approach has a lot of advantages than making the complete page from scratch.


The framework allows net owners and administrators to develop buyer groups, categories, and infinite forums and provide various access rights to the forum. There are many service providers dedicated in providing proficient customization and development services that meet the requirements of clients. Highly professional team of developers has special expertise in a wide range of services with a perfect blend of creativity and resources. The following are the types of development services that could be availed:

1. Web maintenance and support

2. PHPBB implementation

3. Customization

4. Forum integration

5. Developing template and theme

6. Migration and Porting

7. SEO services

8. Custom module development

9. Assembly design and developing

It is the most popular net forum package which is obtainable for webmasters for building a user-friendly and functional assembly. These days, it has acquired tremendous recognition in the market due to its range of features that boot a lot of web businesses all over the world, making it productive. Below are some of the advanced attributes of the platform:

1. Availability of updates

2. Support for unlimited levels of sub-forums

3. Multilingual integrity

4. Search engine spider handling

5. Aptitude to developing custom-defined BBCode

6. User Control Panel and Control Panel

7. Has a complete set of templates, add-ons, sub-forums and plug-ins

8. Supports CAPTCHA visual info, RSS feeds and aids in developing an SEO-friendly website

Millions of people use it daily, which make it the most widely used open source system in the globe. Regardless if the need is to keep in touch with a small group or friends or wanting to set up a big multi-category board for an organization website, the framework has the built-in features required. Newer users would appreciate its extensive admin panel, allowing the customization of even the very intricate characteristics with no need to directly edit code. On the other hand, advanced users value the ease with which it could be integrated to existing systems.

Since it is released via the GNU General Public License, changes to a code could be made without having to obtain permission from the group. The extensive user-created modifications make changing and adding features simple as pasting code to the appropriate files. No other bulletin provides a bigger complement of attributes, while maintaining ease of use and efficiency. Most of all, it is completely free. Bundled with a lot of features, together with the support for several database engines, the development could power an entire website, wherein millions of people could keep in touch with one another.