Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Awesome things you can do in PHP Development

PHP is the open source language and hence all the source code are available at a free of cost. Isn’t that great? Even a novice developer can make amazing websites and applications by the use of PHP. You can make the numbers and dates looks awesome with the little knowledge of PHP. But there are though many things, which most of the people won’t be aware about. Have a look on some key things about PHP development that you may not be aware of.

No tedious work to validate E-mail address: PHP has many built in functions which lessens half of your work and one of the built in function is checkdnsrr (). The main functionality of this function is to check the DNS record corresponding to the IP address. This is amazing function, it would return false, when you send an E-mail. You can return an error about the domain telling you whether it exist or not before you commence any work. This results in saving time, resources and of course making the things really look cool. Yes, there are some filters to validate but by using checkdnsrr () you can easily check the domain and e-mail address exist or not.

MYSQLI: Are you aware about MYSQLI? If not, you would miss it. It is the basic of MySQL functions and this would refrain from writing 500 times when you are developing the project. It has the feature of prepared data which is the safe way of sending data to MY SQL keeping the security in mind. It supports multiple statements, Complex Transaction statements and has enhanced debugging capabilities and embedded server support. You must start using it, instead of feeling sorry.

Use of Error_Reporting function: When you start developing the website, you would find the list of bugs. The error_reporting () sets the directive at runtime and specifies which errors are reported. It sets the duration (runtime) for your script. If the optional level is not set, error_reporting () will return the current error reporting level. Simply set error_reporting (0); and all is well with the world.

 PHP closing tags are not always necessary: Closing of PHP tag at the end of the file is always optional. In some cases it is good for not using close tags “?>”. This would prevent accidental white spaces or the new lines being added after closing tag. Additionally, you will be able to add the header later in response. Adding closing tags at the end of PHP may cause the unwanted effects because if at all, if you do not wish to send any output at that point, automatically PHP would start outfit buffering.

Template your site: Does your website uses same fashion of pages? If yes than designing the template for your site is just for you. By keeping all the design code for your site in different files, you can have all your PHP access file in the same design. This means if you render any changes, you just need to update a single file and you will be able to find changes in all your pages.

Developing a website or a web application in PHP yields multiple benefits, both for the businesses as well as the developers. And being an open source, it became one of the most preferred one. For the businesses looking for professional websites or applications, they can also reach out to professional PHP Development experts for best results.

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