Tuesday, 16 August 2016

What is special about PHP 7?

PHP 7 came into existence in December 2015 with the new start of major PHP 7 series. This was introduced by the PHP Development team after a long wait. The below piece of information will show you on how this latest scripting language version would help you to give the big boost for the business, helping application development and improving end performance.

The 7th version of PHP is packed with the Zend Engine with some improvements and new features. Additionally, this success is the result of two years of development based on the feedback of the very active PHP community. It is expected to put the comprehensive mark in the coming years.

PHP has come a long way!

PHP which is known as server-side scripting language or personal home page originally is an open source language developed for web interactive dynamic web pages and a common programming language. Rasmus Lerdorf invented PHP in 1994 and is also known as Hypertext Preprocessor.

Rasmus Lerdorf never thought, PHP would grow to such an extensive programming language but it grew out of a need to develop the dynamic web applications. The period of PHP from 2013-2016 is the substantial one with the vast organic growth with no formal specification. It got a pivotal change in a short period of time.


Enormous potential for Business

PHP 7 is the amazing version as it offers a high potential to the companies, who are using PHP to develop the application as well as the end users who are running the application. It offers a way better performance than its predecessor PHP 5.6.

It is also updated with the syntax improvements and other functionalities and features which may positively affect the software making it easy for the user to modify anytime. Moreover, the developers of PHP 7 has removed the modules, improving the syntax and supporting 64-bit architecture. PHP 7 allows the developers to focus more on the quality of code rather than, comprehensive SDK and API.

Over and above, the usage of RAM has been reduced because due to fewer resources, they are able to withstand higher loads. This means that PHP 7 would perform like a rocket if you decide to update the PHP with the new version.

The Drawbacks of PHP7

Every technology has its downside and so does PHP 7. It is integrated with a return and scalar type parameter types and value types returned by functions declarations which enables defining a signature. PHP 7 developers themselves decide which part of the code they wish to apply for the scalar declarations.

This is supposed to bring the PHP closer to being a typical programming language which may also result in the conjunctions of the code. You would be able to use one fragment of the code whereas the other won’t.

New things always take the time to accept the things in the market, but there are obvious much wide areas, where developers and businesses would benefit.

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