Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Useful PHP libraries for developers

PHP has developed a great revolution in the era of programming and PHP web development. Millions of people today make the use of PHP to develop a website. This is because they find PHP as the best alternative for their work. This is the best language for the bigger projects.

Many developers have failed to find out the reasons for not liking the PHP as it is considered as one of the finest languages that any web developer can rely on. This article will help you to guide some of the best PHP libraries which are highly useful to the web developers. Many options are available for free for choosing the web, but it is always a tiresome work for choosing the appropriate one for us. There is a need for PHP library as PHP language is highly popular among the developers all around the globe. These libraries serve as an API for communicating with dynamic and static websites. Below mentioned a list of PHP libraries is made by taking into considerations the advice from the professional and experts. Check out the best PHP libraries for the web developers and the programmers.

PHP libraries for developers

1. Hoa

Hoa is one of the best PHP library and modular and extensible functioning. It serves as the bridge between the industrial world and research world. Hoa distributes to the following main projects
  • Central: the set of all Hoa libraries,
  • Library/* isolated standard libraries,
  • Hoathis/*: i solated user libraries     Hoa has its 5 different ways to install
  • Fully
  • Partly
  • Widely
  • Locally
  • Wide
In a case of the wide installations, Hoa would prefer to be installed in the user/local/lib/Hoa. And for other installations, Hoas would prefer C:\Program files\Hoa

2. Whoops

Whoops is one of the amazing PHP libraries that helps in developing and maintaining your project in a much better way. It also helps you to enable and deal with the errors and expectations in a less painful way.

  • Silex and Zend Framework 2 are integrated with the community-provided support for other platforms and frameworks.
  • Laravel 4 is embedded
  • Detailed page for errors
  • Highlighted code view for all the frames
  • Frame comments and analysis through custom handler
  • Request & app specific information through custom middleware handler
  • JSON and AJAX, XML and SOAP support
  • Clean and tested code base perfect for your project 

3. Underscore

Underscore.PHP is a port of PHP for the underscrore.js library. It is also integrated with matching unit test requiring PHP 5.3 or greater. It is hosted on the GitHub and opens sourced under the MIT license. It has got hundreds of methods for all kinds of types: strings, objects, arrays, function, integers and more. Additionally, it enables many parsing classes which help in switching from one type to other mid-course. Cherry on the top is that it grows all the time. It works for both as a stand-alone via composer or as a bundle for the Laravel framework.

4. Alice

Alice allows you to create a ton of fixtures/fake data for use while developing or testing your project. It gives you a few essential tools to make it very easy to generate complex data with constraints in a readable and easy to edit way so that everyone on your team can tweak the fixtures if needed.

5. Idiorm and Paris

It is preferred to as a highly useful database toolkit for PHP5. If you prefer to think about tables and joins, you should probably be using Idiorm. If you prefer to think about model objects and relationships, you should probably be using Paris.

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