Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Developing web application framework by using CakePHP, a development framework that is cost-effective

CakePHP, an open source web application framework that is based on PHP, crafted on the Ruby on Rails concept. The framework has an architecture that is well-defined and offers a big deal of flexibility in making net solutions faster. Being open source, it is available without cost on the web, so the client could get the development done at affordable rates.

It's based on the MVC(model-view-controller) concept as well as association data mapping. Professionals could easily develop website apps in a rapid and structured manner. One could easily code with the use of the framework while at the same time maintain the flexibility as well. It provides several benefits, making it superior to some of other PHP frameworks in the market these days. One of the largest advantages of using the platform is related to coding. Several practice guides and detailed documentation are available together with the tool, making it making a code simple. Thus, developers could create web applications easily. One could achieve more via writing relatively less code.


Moreover, the code of old projects may be reused, making the process of developing an app or solution fast. Another advantage related to the platform is the cost. Since it is completely open source, one need not spend a single penny to use it. Developers could easily build cost-effective sites. Besides, there is no configuration required and even the validation features are built-in, so it saves a great deal of time. Furthermore, it utilizes several validation rules by itself for every field.

Another major benefit is the MVC pattern that it follows. It helps in clearly defining and separating both logic and business layer. Even though, one might not see much use of the MVC patterns for a small website, when developing a huge internet app, the architecture is a blessing. It enables easy reading, inserting and updating data in the database for the app, since it has an integrated crud. Flexible templating, licensing, ACL as well as flexible caching are among the features that prove the use of the framework extremely beneficial.

There are many service providers that cater to the different requirements of customers by using advanced techniques and tools, which enable them to create even complex resolutions easily. Service vendors have an experienced development team who are adept at developing high quality and challenging solutions. They are skilled at customization in which solutions are built as per client requisites. The service providers understand the pulse of the clientele and the markets and through blending the two; they could make formulas that benefit the clients. These professionals are always updated on the current trends, so they could offer customers their required essentials within the time frame agreed upon and under defined resources.

Some of the services available in the market include the following:
  1. Job portals
  2. Social networking sites
  3. eCommerce sites
  4. Internet communities
  5. Healthcare websites
There are also additional benefits of utilizing the platform for developing software apps and solutions, such as:
  1. It provides good security measures because of its structure
  2. Highly scalable and flexible
  3. Smaller codes for net and web application development
  4. Less maintenance
  5. Has built-in features for AJAX, HTML, JavaScript as well as other major technologies
  6. Compatible with both PHP4 and PHP5
All of the features of CakePHP make it an easy option since formulas may be developed quickly and does not need a lot of maintenance.

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