Monday, 9 January 2017

Most Popular Shopping Cart Platforms for Online Shopping are based on PHP language

PHP is likely the most renowned scripting language on the internet today. It is used to boost websites and web pages. With the platform, one could do things such as build username and password login pages, create forums, check details via a form, surveys, picture galleries and many more. If a web page ends in PHP, the author then has written some programming code to liven up the old, plain HTML.

The most popular explanation of what PHP stands for is Hypertext Pre-processor. Nevertheless, the initial comes from its earliest version, which was called Personal Home Page Tools. PHP is known as a server-side language because it does not get executed on one's computer but rather on the page form requested. The results then are handed over to the person and displayed in the browser. The scripting language is extremely popular that when one is looking for a career in the web scripting and web design industry, it is integral to know it.

PHP sports a huge community with excellent resources. It's an excellent choice for new projects despite of complexity. The PHP world has been evolving at truly fast pace the past few years. Furthermore, some new revolutionary features could be used even today. The platform grants the ability to proceed from idea, prototype towards production in days. Any other programming language is not always reliable and fast as PHP. Furthermore, other languages are not the easiest in terms of configuration and usage is concerned. Even using along with other software apps, the language maintains its speed without slowing down the entire process.

Many popular shopping cart platforms that could be used for web shopping carts are based on PHP. Check out a couple of popular open source PHP-based platforms.

vTiger CRM 
Refers to both cloud and open source versions of the customer relationship management application. The app was forked originally from SugarCRM with the intention of becoming a thoroughly open source CRM application with comparable function to Sugar. It offers reporting, customer portal as well as an Outlook plug-in on the free edition. The cloud apps was released in the year 2010 and offers added functionalities such as a new interface, advanced reporting and email campaigns. vTiger's main goal is to enhance customer relationship. It does this via offering vital modules that manage customer details, file attachments, email notifications and many more. The information or data helps in identifying which customers are lucrative and those who are not. This can result to an increase in sales because of better timing that is based on anticipating the customers' requirements.

ZenCart is considered as the art of eCommece. It is a user-friendly and free software. The eCommerce website design program was created by a group of similar minded shop owners who have the belief that the projects and design could and should be different. The shopping cart platform has a very nice wide array of features based on osCommerce, but has gone on its own path. ZenCart has no licensing fees and is stable with plenty of already installed contributions. Originally, the PHP shopping cart program is built on the GPL code foundation of commerce operation system. Furthermore, it's considered as the quickest web store setup management system, which is extremely fast and easy to set up. In addition, it has various options as well as fully capable customization.

To Summarize:
PHP is probably the most renowned scripting language on the web nowadays. It is used for boosting web pages and websites. Most popular shopping cart platforms are PHP-based. PHP is a server-side language since it does not get executed in one's computer but instead on the requested page form.

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